How to Write Good and News Worthy Press Releases

Writing a press release is actually a professional activity. The steps involved in writing a news article are somewhat very easy to follow but they do not really guarantee that in the end a good release will be produced. The importance to produce news worthy article cannot be emphasized more than it has now. The following are some of the characteristics of a good release.

A good press article should be straight forward and relevant to the story – get straight to the point as directly as possible without beating around the bush.
Good news worthy writing also must be objective from the first word to the last – objectivity in the sense that whatever news is carried in that writing is verifiable.

Releases should be easy to understand – easy and normal language should be used, idioms and metaphors unless from quotes should be avoided as much as possible

A good PR should deliver its message strongly – the focus of the article from the start to the end should be to get the message out as strong as possible.

Steps to take in writing a good press release

Start strongly – it is very important to make sure that you start with your message. The reader’s attention should be grabbed by whatever message that news release is giving. You can do this by putting the message on the headline. For example if you are reporting a drop in oil prices in New York, you should put the term oil prices drop in NYC in your headline.

Be precise – you should get your news out clearly without any contradiction. Any contradicting reports are best left out until they can be independently verified or confirmed.

Use ordinary and easy to understand language – the reason why you are writing the press release is because you want news to reach certain people. That should motivate you to make sure that the language is as easy to understand as possible.

Stay focused to the facts of the situation – the purpose of a news article is to report. In this regard you should cover every fact that is relevant to your news. Making personal sentiments in your release may dent its credibility considerably.

Write with the right format – News release formats are important because they will allow the intended reader to know that this is news the instant they see the news article.

Make your writing news worthy – making the news article news worthy simply means that your coverage should be based on current events and not historical.

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Blocking measures against offshore online gambling: a scoping review

Online gambling is a profitable industry both in the regulated market and in the unregulated offshore market. Difficulties in regulating the offshore online markets are exacerbated by concerns over lacking consumer protection measures in offshore environments and reduced financial and tax revenue from gambling. Blocking is a measure employed by numerous regulators to prevent access or financial transactions to unregulated gambling sites. Yet, little is known about how well such strategies work. The current scoping review focuses on evidence on the effectiveness of blocking measures. Based on the review, 14 publications were identified. The analysis focused on four themes: implementation, effectiveness, risks, and alternatives. Results show that there is a paucity of empirical research on the effectiveness of blocking measures. The scarce evidence suggests that the effectiveness of blocking measures depends on implementation. Blocking without proper implementation may be an insufficient and disproportionate tool. The effectiveness of blocking is particularly limited by a constant need for updates in terms of technology and blocklists. We argue that research on and the effectiveness of blocking measures is obstructed by an asymmetry in expertise in three dimensions: Between regulators and industry; between ordinary and heavy gamblers; and between gambling and IT researchers.

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The effects of impulsivity and near misses on persistence in play on a slot machine

Both personality factors (e.g. impulsivity) and structural game characteristics impact decision-making on games of chance. We examined the relationship between impulsivity and decision-making on a slot machine task programmed with different near-miss frequencies. Fifty-eight college students entered a simulated casino environment and played a slot machine pre-loaded with 30 credits. Unbeknownst to participants, the slot machine was programmed so that several larger wins occurred early in the sequence, followed by a pattern of diminishing returns that reduced credits to zero on a predetermined trial. Participants were randomly assigned to two conditions, the first with up to 19% of trials set as near misses and the second with only 2% as near misses. After controlling for gender, race, and lifetime gambling frequency, the near-miss condition was found to moderate the relationship between impulsivity and the number of trials played. When there were fewer near misses, impulsivity did not appear to impact decision-making. However, when near misses were frequent, individuals with higher impulsivity persisted longer, even when other characteristics of gameplay remained constant (e.g. bet size, prizes). These findings suggest that certain features of slot machines may capitalize on impulsive gamblers’ vulnerabilities and should be regulated.

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