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The effects of impulsivity and near misses on persistence in play on a slot machine

Both personality factors (e.g. impulsivity) and structural game characteristics impact decision-making on games of chance. We examined the relationship between impulsivity and decision-making on a slot machine task programmed with different near-miss frequencies. Fifty-eight college students entered a simulated casino … Continue reading

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Enabling New Strategies to Prevent Problematic Online Gambling: A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying At-risk Online Gamblers in France

Gambling activities are rapidly migrating online. Algorithms that effectively detect at-risk users could improve the prevention of online gambling-related harms. We sought to identify machine learning algorithms capable of detecting self-reported gambling problems using demographic and behavioral data. Online gamblers … Continue reading

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Culture and gambling fallacies

Euro-Canadians and Chinese typically hold different theories about change; Euro-Canadians often engage in linear thinking whereas Chinese often engage in non-linear thinking. The present research investigated the effects of culture-specific theories of change in two related gambling fallacies: the gambler’s … Continue reading

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